The digital era that we all operate within has changed the way people, businesses and brands interact with each other. The levels of customer understanding are deeper and more accessible than ever before, revealing ways to generate emotive engagement, relationships, lead generation and increase sales. 


It is no longer just the 'deep-pocketed' multinational giants that can dominate these relationships, any business can if they are smart. We call this the 'democratisation of media'. However, with 99% of all businesses in the UK being SMEs - competition is fierce. 


Getting it right is crucial for every business, that is why it is so important to have a solid strategy to get behind before jumping straight into the tactics. We'll help you develop the right strategy for you to achieve your goals and help you make sense of all the online opportunities out there.


Being honest, the web owes you nothing, and it will give you no favours. To be successful in leveraging the power of digital marketing comes from what you put in.  Finding the right mix tactics that work for each business is what we help with. To do this effectively though, a strategy is essential. 

Online, your website is your most valuable asset, especially when adopting an inbound marketing_approach to generating leads & customers. Your website is your business hub, but it has to be effective. 


The essential 3 pillars of 'inbound' digital marketing that drive success are known as 'Digital Trinity Marketing'. This consists of Content, Search & Social which all work together with a purpose. Relationships can then be nurtured using outbound digital marketing 'nurturing' techniques such as CRM management and database marketing like emails. 

If you want to get better results from your digital marketing, you'll need a plan 


Do you understand your customers?

The foundation of your strategy is researching your customers' needs, pain points, and buying behaviors to be able to generate leads and sales.

Who are they and where do they go?

Analysis of customer profiles, building customer personas, and defining channel preferences can help you meet them there at their point of need with relevant and timely solutions to build trust, awareness, relationships, and incoming leads.

Do you know your competitors and what they are doing online?

Competitive analysis is crucial to gaining a better understanding of what your competitors are doing online - are they being found above your business in online search, why? What keywords are they focussing on? Which are driving them website traffic and leads that could be yours instead? Our software can reveal all of this and more to ensure your strategy and tactics are rooted in purpose. 

Does your business have a clear value proposition?

It is what differentiates you from the rest.  It's your promise to prospects and customers - one they can understand and relate to as filling their need. It's one that your own people can be part of and be clear on their contribution towards its success.

A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) plays a big part in identifying your value proposition. We usually look at your closest competitors in the same way to reveal gaps.

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. 

Uniue Value Proposition_edited.png


Do you know how much business you want to generate?

Where are you know? Evaluate your current position. 

Where do you want to be? Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely). This gives you laser focus on what you need to achieve.

How will you get there? Determine what channels will need to be planned, what resources are required, who will do what and what tactics and tools will be needed.

How do you align your growth strategy with your lead generation strategy?

Evaluate how you'll generate enough leads to achieve your goals. This involves auditing your current marketing & sales funnels, leveraging your existing database to increase repeat business and working on a content strategy that will support increased leads to capture of new prospects to drop into your sales funnel.

A channel strategy will then become clear, understanding which to adopt to allow your content to be distributed in the most efficient way to Reach, Engage, Convert and Influence across the most relevant digital channels. At this point, the required software tools can be evaluated to ensure the best use of time and resource.


Set your budgets, but how much and on what? 

When setting your budget, don’t think of it as a cost but an investment that will pay for itself as your business grows due to digital marketing. 


According to Experian, as a general rule, new businesses allocate between 12-20% of their gross revenue on marketing, while established companies with a presence and existing customer base spend between 6-12%. [3]

Marketing budget allocation by channel varies by client and sector, but priority is given to digital marketing by 72% of UK marketers according to a survey published by Statista in 2021. 

The digital marketing channels that should be used are specific to each company, and this is where a solid strategy will give you laser focus to concentrate on the most effective tactics and channels to help you reach your goals.


How to Implement & Measure Digital Marketing Strategies

A 'test & learn' approach will find the perfect methods to generate the results you expect. Through this process, you are creating your own lead generation machine. Building it is the hard part. Once it is in place all it takes is a little maintenance.

Closely monitoring your data through analytics is essential to make adjustments to your strategy where needed.

We recognise that not all businesses are at the same developmental stage and not all will want to outsource their entire digital marketing to our full-service agency function. Once you have a strategic plan in place, we can implement it for you or we can recommend the best tools and tactics for you to Do It Yourself.



We'll get your digital marketing working like a well-oiled machine... 

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