Business Challenges Series: 2. Getting the Right Advice

Being a CEO or business owner can be a lonely place. Most leaders accept that getting help and advice in today's business arena is essential to achieving the best outcomes. Life is simply too short to learn everything the hard way!

It is impossible to be good at everything, running a business can be time consuming enough and it is easy to get stuck in the day to day - IN your businesses, this is where we help.​

  • When interviewed to share his thoughts on running a business in 2017 for the BBC's 'The Boss,' William Chase - founder of Chase Distillery commented, 'Too many people are too insular within their business and they don't see who's in front, and even more importantly, they don't see who's coming up from behind.' [1]

Outside advice can often highlight strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that businesses can easily miss from the inside.

However, with so many 'experts' out there, getting the right advice can be a challenge in itself. This probably explains why so many business owners we speak to are lost in a soup of tactical marketing that does little for the sustainability and growth of their businesses.

Then there's strategy, finance, red tape & regulations, staffing, sales and the rest to consider.

When I started my business, I remember well the frustration in finding good advice - a minefield! The most common advice and popular trend was to 'find a niche.' The reality is that this still rings true, with lots of specialists out there hanging their hats on niche silos like content marketing, branding, digital lead generation - SEO / Adwords, customer experience, research etc.

For a businesses owner who knows exactly what course to steer and has a solid strategy laid down, that is fine and there are some great specialists out there. However, in my experience many don't. The issue is that specialists are usually 'staffed up' with people who service their niche, who need to be fed work, so in general, solutions recommended are focused on these, naturally.

Independent Digital Marketing advice

As an agile consultancy we are able to offer independent support and business advice to our clients to help them overcome all of their challenges and navigate the complexities of running successful businesses, growing the right way, in an integrated way.

As an example there is little point in running a fantastic content marketing campaign, if it drives traffic to an inefficient website or landing page, or if the customer service mechanism will drive customers away or even if there disjointed brand message.

The advice and support we give our clients is based on 25 years experience in growing businesses from 'outside in' and 'inside out' with a deep understanding of how each function of a businesses has to work together, like a well oiled machine, to get where it wants to be.

Our support comes from a unique blend of Consultancy (helping you do it) and full service digital marketing agency (we do it for you) to understand your ambitions, customers, markets, people, services and vision so that a clear strategy can be set in motion and implemented. Our approach and strategic methodologies have been tried and tested countless times with great success, ensuring our clients find the right, unique pathways to greater success.

We leverage our client's internal resources where possible and where required we call on the specialist skills and experience of a network of experts that we trust and have worked with before - each is independent and a leader in their field. We only call on their talents for the right reasons - to achieve successful outcomes for our clients in a way that joins everything together seamlessly.

Our digital marketing strategies and implementation plans will ensure all the cogs your business machine work efficiently towards the same purpose, working harder so you don't have to.

If you need some smart business advice to help you get to where you want to be, please do get in touch.


Warren Arthur has 25 year+ experience in leveraging digital marketing strategies and implementation to help local businesses survive & thrive online. He works with businesses of all different shapes and sizes across the UK, US & Europe - and is passionate about empowering his clients to find their success in this digital age we all live and work in.

Find out how he and his team can help your business thrive online, contact us

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