3 Things To Try If Your Digital Marketing Isn't Bringing Home The Bacon...

Is your digital marketing effective?

Are you disillusioned with the promises of all the success the internet can bring your small business? You have a website, are constantly plying your time into social media posts and the rest – but your efforts are not budging your bottom line?

We speak to a great many small businesses and a common theme is prevalent: the acceptance that the internet is where the business growth should come from, and for good reason. The internet has changed the way business and customers engage with each other.

70-80% of people research a company online before they even make contact [1] and 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine [2].

However, competition on the internet is fierce and the stark reality for many businesses is that this growth is just not happening fast enough, big enough or even, at all. In fact only 37% of businesses believe that their digital marketing is working [3].

If this is you, what’s your plan? Here are 3 options to consider...


With so much else going on in the day to day, it is easy to let your digital marketing off the hook - to revisit another day. Surely it must start to improve at some point...let's hope.

Procrastination is small business owners' mortal enemy, and something we can all be guilty of - 95% of us to be exact, according research carried out by industrial psychology professor, Piers Steel [4]

Steel's research suggests that we all have the tendency to put things off for another time when they are boring, difficult, confusing and unrewarding - all of which can easily apply to investing your time and resource in planning, implementing and measuring your digital marketing.

It is highly probable, that if your digital marketing is not doing what you need it to do, leaving it a while longer won't change anything. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today.”

As we rapidly approach 2020, maybe the time is right to try something else...


A tactic we see all the time, is simply do more digital marketing. You only have to open your inbox or social media pages to see businesses doing more and more stuff to get noticed.

But throwing more time and resource at it doesn't mean you will attract more relevant prospects, be able to engage them and convert them into customers, which is what you really need. Whatever you do, you'll need to be able to measure it to see if what you are doing is actually effective or just more stuff eating into your time and budgets.

To avoid just doing more, we think you need a plan to make sure you are doing the right stuff, in the right places for the right purpose - to grow your online presence and your business. A clearly defined strategy is the secret ingredient to digital marketing success, but Smart Insights research [5] suggests that 45% of small businesses don't have one.

If want to base your digital marketing on more that trial and error, hunches and some 'out of the box' thinking, we suggest the next option...


If something (anything) that is important to us isn't working to its full potential we get a check up from a professional. Digital marketing is too important to risk doing nothing or even more of the same things that haven't worked before. That is why we offer a digital marketing health check service.

A digital marketing health check will analyse all the important elements of your online presence and allow you to see what has worked and what hasn't. It will look at your business proposition, your competitors and give you an informed road-map based on data so your can focus your time and efforts on the right things to achieve the goals you set.

No more gut feel or procrastination, you will have a plan. So,if you want to come out of the blocks in 2020 and know where you are running, find out more below...



Warren Arthur has 25 year+ experience in leveraging digital marketing strategies and implementation to help local businesses survive & thrive online. He works with businesses of all different shapes and sizes across the UK, US & Europe - and is passionate about empowering his clients to find their success in this digital age we all live and work in.

Find out how he and his team can help your business thrive online, contact us


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